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Go Skateboarding Day Cape Town Recap


Skateboarding’s annual international holiday was celebrated yesterday once again, on Sunday 21 June in the Mother City with local skateboarders, crews, friends and family gathering at The SHRED for the first official event to take place at Cape Town’s only indoor Skate Park.

Event organiser, Africa Skate presented skateboarders with a Game of SKATE, Best Trick open jam session on four different obstacles and a massive lucky draw for a third year consecutively.

Allan Adams once again won the Game of SKATE for the third year in a row. Allan seems to be unstoppable in flat ground technicality, he managed to win not only with a casual style but also with a humble persona.

Shuaib Philander came in a very close second place in the hotly contested Game of SKATE finals but still managed to win the 4th best trick session with a crooked grind nollie flip out. 20sk8 took the top 4 spots with Toufeeq Raubenheimer and Tyler Kammies rounding out the line up.

A notable mention needs to be extended to our other 3 best trick winners, Anton Roux with a 1 foot blunt fakie nose grab pull-in on the 10 foot quarter pipe, Toufeeq Raubenheimer with an fs bigspin heelflip over the funbox and Alistair Links with a fs wallride early grab from the quarter pipe to wedge bank. Best tricks were awarded Bones Product hampers thanks to Board Hub.

This event could not have been made possible without the support of our sponsors: Board Hub, Red Bull, Etnies via Intende Action Ware, Skull Candy via Luks Brands, PVM Nutritional Sciences, Dope Industries and The SHRED.

Click here for the Facebook event link.

Video Filmed and Edited by Matt Lesch

Best trick winners, from left to right: Shuaib Philander, Anton Roux,  Toufeeq Raubenheimer and Alistair Links. Also our Game of SKATE winner Allan Adams and Andrew Nero.



Checkout the gallery below for some of the winners taking home goods from the lucky draw. (Excuse the poor quality)


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