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Monday’s are really not easy and often take an age to get going. What they need is a crack to the face…just like most skate video’s take a minute to get going until you hit that stand out section and your face melts. This is Chris Joslin’s section in No Hope!

No Hope is an independent video by¬†Victor Nhean¬†featuring og Long Beach skaters such as…
Chris Lopez
Alex Salvador
Rodney “Dre” Malone
Mikey Haywood
Chris Joslin
Michael Mcmaster
Josh Gomez
This video took a lot of dedication from everyone involved. I am glad I was able to film all of these dudes and I am grateful to call all of them my brothers.
So watch this video, share it, and then go skate because that is what skate videos are supposed to do after all; make you want to skate.
Here is my contribution to the skateboard world I hope you enjoy it.

What do you think?

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