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Have Heart Festival

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This Saturday is the much anticipated Have Heart Festival which is taking place at the NG Helderberg Gemeente, 82 Fimount St, Somerset West.

#haveheart2015 is dedicated to hosting a longboarding contest with 3 separate events; slide jam, slalom event and time trial hosted by Helderberg Longboarding. 

In partnership with AfricaSkate and Inspired 2 Become, we will also offer skateboarding clinics for those who wish to begin a career in skateboarding, and those who wish to refine their skills. We will also tantalize your dreams with an exciting demo.

In addition to the competition, there will be a mini-market, offering food and drink, as well as live entertainment, promising a great day out for boarders, friends and family alike.

No need to worry about your little ones, as BuzyBugz will host a special wonderland for those too little to skate on four wheels.

The Vision of this unique festival is:

1. To create a platform where talent can be enjoyed passionately in a community where we see, love and respect one another in safe and accessible streets.

2. To raise and promote, in particular, skateboarding and longboarding, in Somerset West and beyond.

3. To equip young and raw God-given talent & passion.

4. To create, and sustain a Godly community that serves one another by involving, partnering and inviting the community, from all ages and backgrounds, to participate and be recognized for their contribution.

All participant, friends and family welcome.

Admission to the festival is free, but a registration fee of R50 will get you entrance to all competition events, as well as an official HaveHeart Festival sticker.


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